Thursday, May 26, 2011

I hate my last night dream

well i skip school todayy since exam dah habis so i cakap dengan my mum i taknak pergi sekolah and she said "ok" yaay~ then i slept around 1.45 after texting with fara then baik punyaa tidur i dream about him?! -_______________- i dream about i was texting with him hahaha baik punyaaaaaa macam kawan okay macam kawan?! gelak gelak gelak wth lah? -.-" but before this pun memang i pernah mimpi pasal dia mimpi tu macam dia misscalled with 38 times?! wth? ha-ha-ha-ha ada apa2 keeeeeeeee mimpi ni? theres is no way that i will be nice to him anymore big NOOO WAY?! ishhhh (butsomehowidomisshimact sobz x/) kdah krokgghhhhhh

dah sebulan lebih dia dgn gf diewwww~
and me?stilll single B-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


is it? omjayyyyyyyyyyy~ newayyyy mid term is o-v-e-r~ :D habis jehhh paper aku menjerit like siiillly girl "exam dah habisss wohooooooo~" then my teacher was like "menjerit macam dah habis spm pulak tak sedar diri" lulz hahaha and me was like "ilek ah cikgu" :3 lol perd paper 2 was like dayum hard -.-" zzz then ada sekali tu cikgu daud*my perd teacher and i was asking him "cikgu asal susah sangat soalan cikgu buat?dah lah tak bgi hint soalan apa yang keluar -.-" then reaction dia was like "nak soalan senang tak payah sekolah lah mcam tuu" and i was like TROLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL :O kfine andd i terus letak kepala atas meja and fikir balik apa jawapan diew sobz.

ok fine gtg nora elena it abt to start! kbye!
please wait fer me mr A :'>

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Truth or dare

Its a boring not-so-sunny-day lulz
esok ada paper perd and heaven yeah i tak baca langsung coolkan? har-har -.-
ish whats wrong with me? -.-" spm dah nak dekat tapi malas makin harin makin bertambah zzz

welliguessiwasmiss-ingbeinginlove you know what i mean aite? i just dont why all of sudden i feel this way. maybee im starting to be alone?maybe i am ready for a new relationship ugh it just MAYBE....
i have to admit, yes i am a bit jealous when all my babes text me and said "i dah ada orang baru!, i dah couple lah babe... and-so-on and reaction was like "ugh? serious?! hmm bestnya! bukan mcam i still forever alone" lulz i wonder when can i stop using that tittle? maybe when i get married with edwardcullen lol #no way~

but ugh nevermind i still have my beloved mum :'> iloveherlikemostofthetime #pft ofc lah -.- she just like my full time boyfriend and full time bestfriend whenever i'll talk to her abt a guy problems she will help me by giving a good advice thanks ma,mak,bestfriend for everything

ugh and yeah i have create my new twitter accc! muhehehe soo just search for IzzaIzzuZ:


Saturday, May 21, 2011


k this is funny>>^^

This What they call life

So semalam after kelas sejarah and bahasa melayu kiteorang ada buat a small party for teachers day. Cikgu wan #my beloved teacher :> treat us a domino pizza ;) #GOYEAH HOYEAH then minmin ada bawak some dessert but to bad pudding caramel dia tak menjadi sobz :< nak buat macam mana kan takdo rezeki -.-" cikgu wan she is shooo kind and kelaka! and thats y i love her! muhehehe :>

whatever it is we will try our best for spm! just pray fer us iloveyou :> ugh and yeah HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY :>

Dont chuu see im happy? eventhougt i am a single lady? :>