Saturday, May 21, 2011

This What they call life

So semalam after kelas sejarah and bahasa melayu kiteorang ada buat a small party for teachers day. Cikgu wan #my beloved teacher :> treat us a domino pizza ;) #GOYEAH HOYEAH then minmin ada bawak some dessert but to bad pudding caramel dia tak menjadi sobz :< nak buat macam mana kan takdo rezeki -.-" cikgu wan she is shooo kind and kelaka! and thats y i love her! muhehehe :>

whatever it is we will try our best for spm! just pray fer us iloveyou :> ugh and yeah HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY :>

Dont chuu see im happy? eventhougt i am a single lady? :>

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