Saturday, April 16, 2011

I hate Past.

I knew you guys is havingg a good relationship behind my back. no wonder u u act weird when u asked me about him.. my past crush... dont chuu no how i feels when u hide about this thingy? u can run but you cant hide sistah. i hope u remember how i feels when i saw him at school how i act when i saw him at school how i talk, how i laugh when i saw him. Please remember sistah.

Well suddenly i met a new guy in laman sesawang facebook, i must admit he is a nice and a kind guy and im kinda like the way he treat me everyday lol :) but to be honest i am not ready for any relationship. Well i am enjoying to be a single lady i know is kindda poyo by saying that word <<-- but it is a reality! i think we should just be a good friends not boyfriends but a good bestfriend. It takes time fer me to open wide my heart to accept a new guy since my past ex cheated on me while i was in jakarta having a family vacation lol i hate past but somehow i miss that sweet time when u call me for 26 times because u felt asleep on our 1monthsary and i was sulking because i was wating for 2 hours for u to call me ish ish ish and u know what i feels that time?! hmm past is past. k enough but him. i dont get anything if i talk about him because u know what happen aite....

Let the past rest in peace (Y)

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