Thursday, March 17, 2011


thnks fer the information fara.
and to that person please WAKE UP?!@



  1. just let the him be la nk dating dgn siape. doing all this laughing and teasing thing (especially in social networking site!)is just gonna make u look like u'r still not over him. silap hari bulan he's gonna label you "EX-AKU YG MEROYAN" pulak nnt. just ignore him. eventually he'll come back to you. but if he dont, just accept that you guys were'nt meant to be tgthr lah. what la u geeha. kumbang bukan sekoq.still got long way to go. -_-"

  2. same as the above;pMarch 20, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    just let him be! bukan the him! hihi.

  3. ergh i dont mind if he with some other girls but diaaa dgn kawan rapat adik pulak.manaaa tak marah kan. pastu kawan adik tu pulak zzzz so like fake person depan adik cakap lain belakanggg adik? tuhan je tahu -.-" she dont deserve the bestfriend tittle anymoreeeee -.-" ergh feels like i want to cut her into pieces! D: